Rows of IQI library books


As a privilege of membership, enjoy over eight hundred quilting and related books in our circulating collection.

Available at general membership meetings held at the Lutheran Church of the Ascension, we have books for beginning, intermediate and advanced quilters in the following categories:

Color and Subject Designations

Enjoy books for beginning intermediate and advanced quilters available at our general membership meetings. The check-out period is until the next in-person meeting at the Church of the Ascension.
Checkout materials before the meeting and during the break. Items are arranged in a broad subject classification. Each subject has a color code, and the books are placed on tables according to color. The color/subject designations are listed beside each item and found on the current list of books and materials.

Color and Subject

Seasonal / Events / Children
Dark Green


History / Geography
Medium Blue
Quilting (Machine / Hand / Patterns)


Techniques (not Appliqué)
Design / Embellishment – Color Theory / Dyeing
Sewing Projects: Clothes / Accessories / Dolls Crafts

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Browsing and selection is available before the meeting, during the break, and for a short time after (as we pack up). Check out period is until the next meeting at the Church of the Ascension, with a renewal available.

IQI Library Catalog

Items are listed in alphabetical order, according to title. Click here to download the current listing of IQI’s library books. To search by author or keyword, use the “Find” feature (Control-F).


To borrow materials, your IQI membership must be current; show your IQI badge or proof of paid membership to check items out. Material may be checked out until the next meeting with one renewal possible.

Overdue, Lost or Damaged Materials

Books not returned at the next meeting will be considered overdue. Members are entitled to a one-meeting grace period. A fine of $3 per book per meeting will be assessed after the following meeting if the material is not returned.
The cost of damage repair or replacement value will be at the librarian’s discretion. Books not returned by the June meeting, or damaged beyond readability, will be considered lost. Members have the option of replacing the item with the exact same or newer edition. Items not replaced by the member will incur a fee of $10 in addition to the replacement cost.

IQI Librarians

If you have any questions or comments about our library, please contact Barbara Feinberg, Linda Feinberg and Judith Maffris at