Another disappointment due to the Covid -19 pandemic: no retreat is scheduled for this year. We look forward to getting together in January 2022!
If you’ve never attended, consider:
  • Having time dedicated for your favorite textile projects
  • Setting up once in a secure building and working the hours you want, even all night
  • The opportunities to learn a new technique or two
  • Creating a Mystery Quilt, following sequential instructions
  • Being among dozens of interested, encouraging and helpful fabric aficionados
  • No cooking, because three meals on Saturday and a Sunday brunch (or breakfast) are included
  • Plus snacks and beverages are available all weekend (oh, so many snacks!)
  • Your choice (depending on availability) to stay in a one, two or three-person bedroom with private bath (register with your roommates, or we’ll match you with someone nice)
  • Two elevators to easily transport equipment and snack-ladened members
  • Free parking in a patrolled lot
Sound inviting?
We’ll begin accepting reservations in the Fall. Any vacancies left by December 1st will be opened to non-members and guests, as in the past.
Please contact any of us with your questions or suggestions at: quiltin@illinoisquilters.com. The 2020 Quilt-In Committee members are Marsha Caulkins, Cynthia Churchwell, Ellen Pomes and Martha Ross-Mockaitis.

Mystery Quilt

If you like surprises, be a participant and gather items from the supply list. The mystery pattern is given out in pieces during the retreat.
Here is how it works: after dinner on Friday, participants gather with Marsha Caulkins who will introduce the first steps of the pattern. Everyone then gets cutting and sewing! More instructions are given on Saturday morning and the whole retreat guesses as to the final design. Final instructions are given Saturday afternoon and eventually someone finishes the mystery!
All pieces under construction are shown at Sunday’s Show and Tell. Many have a quilt top to take home.
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